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Benford’s law in our data

A few months back our team found out about an interesting statistical phenomena known as the Benford’s law. This law is an observation about the frequency distribution of leading significant digits in real-life sets of numerical data.

Data Engineering at BravoSystems: Main Concepts

We service approximately 1.2 million users daily, which between them produce 120 to 220 million events. Our cluster is currently a bit over 870TB. Our biggest event log generates around 120GB of data daily (without replication).

URL targeting optimization with CQEngine

In the ad serving industry, URL targeting is an effective mechanism that enables advertisers to specify URLs (web pages) on which their ad can be served. Subject of targeting can be specific URL or group of URLs.

Using Machine Learning to Detect Malicious URLs

Malicious URLs are a common and serious threat to cybersecurity. There are many ways for malicious attackers to try to cheat end user such as hacking attempts, drive-by-download, denial of service, phishing, social engineering, and many others.

Bravo Technology stack

Historically, our teams were organized as separate products, each with its own technology stack, although the stacks were very similar for some teams. Now we are unifying our platforms, tools, and languages so that we can share knowledge and reuse services between teams in a better way.