Our experience is particularly vast in the Ad Tech industry. Meaning demand-side platforms, supply-side platforms, real-time bidding, targeting, campaign management, pricing models etc.

Our Expertise

For building of web development projects we use top frontend frameworks like React, ExtJS and VueJS. Some of our client apps are built using vanilla JS. We have hundreds of years of combined experience in building and maintaining user interfaces.

Our server-side expertise comes from building high-load / high-throughput backend services using primarily Java.
Other backend languages we use are PHP and NodeJs.

High-throughput applications and data-heavy flows helped us build expertise in major database and data technologies including MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Hadoop, RedShift etc.

To improve in area of data driven business decision making we invested a lot in tools and expertise of our Big Data and Data Engineering teams. We are constantly evolving data platform using top technologies like Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Druid, Clickhouse, RedShift, Airflow, Atlas and various internal tools. A lot of time was spent comparing various technologies to understand their pros and cons in various use cases.

Our Product Management is powered by Analytics on top of our data platform. We are using several BI tools to improve business decision making. Those tools are Tableau, Superset, Metabase, Imply etc.

Our Data Science team ever-advancing algos and various models help optimize production results and assist product development across the portfolio of products.

Security is an integral part of our business conduct.

Our Expertise


Our systems are online and productive 24/7.

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