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Experienced Data Analyst

A digital advertising and app developing company, OddBytes, is looking for a data analyst who would report directly to the director of Business Analytics Strategy. Additionally, this role works within a matrix organization structure that includes working with a project manager. The data analyst will retrieve, gather, and organize data to analyze and communicate meaningful conclusions. The data analyst will facilitate the decision-making process through analysis and reporting to move the business forward on its goals and strategies.

The analyst may be involved in several parts of the analysis process, including data wrangling, data mining, building data visualizations, devising conclusions, and communicating the results of the analysis to senior management and business leaders. The Data Analyst will also be expected to conduct ad hoc queries to provide answers to data-related questions in addition to building reporting and dashboarding for KPI monitoring.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Conducting analysis stemming from business operations and system operation-related questions
  • Identifying, analyzing, interpreting, and notifying trends or patterns in complex data sets
  • Conducting business intelligence analysis to discover business opportunities and inefficiencies
  • Presenting an analytical narrative to management and business leaders
  • Product and maintain reporting and dashboarding for developers, business operations, and executive-level consumption using tools such as Zeppelin, Imply Pivot, and Superset
  • Assisting in defining KPIs, metrics, and measures with engineering, management, and business leaders
  • Conducting general data management tasks of investigating data anomalies and reporting accuracies in addition to filtering and cleaning data
  • Working with management to prioritize business and information needs
  • Documenting the progress of data-related projects
  • Keeping abreast to business model knowledge

Preferable experience in:

  • Working in fast-paced environments
  • Working in the digital advertising industry or broadly in the digital online industry